Montana Delivery Truck Accidents

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Delivery trucks travel for long distances and long hours to deliver packages and products to recipients. These long hours on the road can result in devastating collisions, especially for smaller vehicles or pedestrians that are involved. When a delivery truck driver is responsible for a collision, the driver, or even the truck company, can be held legally liable for the results of the crash. If you have been struck by a negligent delivery truck driver, our Montana truck accident attorneys can assist you in attaining restitution for damages and injuries you have sustained in the incident.

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Common Causes of Delivery Truck Collisions

Truck accidents can result in severe property damages and staggering medical bills. Compensation can ease your stress over financial losses and the pain of your injuries.

Some causes of delivery truck accidents that could indicate the truck driver is liable include when:

  • The truck driver suddenly stops or backs up in a busy street
  • The truck blocks lanes and the view of other cars
  • Cargo falls from the delivery truck
  • The truck rolls over or has a blowout due to overloading
  • The truck driver disobeys traffic laws
  • The truck does not have required safety guards or reflectors
  • The truck driver drives while intoxicated or under the influence

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