Work injury news: Workers encouraged to visit Montana's new online health portal

Work injuries occur under a wide variety of circumstances, ranging from slips and falls to mechanical failures to explosions. Especially in jobs like oil field work or construction, the risk of injury is a regular part of the daily workload.

How dangerous is any given job? What are the specific risks, and how can they be prevented or mitigated?

A new resource for workplace safety

Recently, the Montana Department of Labor and Industry made public a new online portal for workplace health and safety.

The portal is worth visiting for a few reasons. It serves as a resource for learning more about the occupational hazards in various jobs, whether it's driving a truck or working in the Bakken oilfields. You can uncover recent reports about workplace injuries and fatalities, and look up research studies that shed light on various risk factors.

The portal also provides information on boosting health and safety in different workplace environments. Empowered with this knowledge, employees will ideally be able to better prevent accidents and realize if their employers aren't providing them with adequate protective measures.

Contacting an attorney when you need to

Although initiatives such as the health portal can help prevent some accidents and improve safety, workers still face risks on the job. Should you suffer an accident, it's important to contact a reputable attorney to review your case.

The accident may have been preventable, resulting from negligence or carelessness. Regardless of the cause, you may not be sure where to turn to when coping with medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. Your attorney will serve as your advocate, fighting for you to receive fair compensation from insurance companies and from any parties responsible for the accident.

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