Oilfield work injury: Signs of lax safety standards at a work site

The Billings Gazette recently reported an increase in the demand for employees in oilfield work, construction, and other jobs.

This is optimistic news for many people. It also calls for a reminder of the safety issues workers face in these kinds of jobs. Our focus here will be on oilfield work.

Paying attention to safety issues in oilfield jobs

If you're taking up work in the Bakken oilfield or similar site, one of the best ways to protect yourself on the job is to make note of the safety standards at your work location. Are there any significant hazards or problems in your workplace or in the course of your workday?

A lapse in standards may involve faulty equipment, machinery, or vehicles. Perhaps they're poorly maintained or have known defects. Sometimes, workers are asked to operate them without adequate training, supervision, or protective gear. The results range from collisions to explosions, exposing workers to potentially deadly risks. They face burns, crush injuries, internal bleeding, and other devastating damage.

Other examples of hazards come from an overall unsafe work environment. Poorly ventilated spaces, slick floors, and shoddy scaffolding are all common problems. Workers can suffer anything from slips and falls to sustained exposure to toxic air, compromising their health and incapacitating or killing them.

If you suffer a workplace accident, it's possible that the problems stem from unsafe work conditions. When you contact us, we will carefully review what happened during the accident and examine all of the possible contributing factors. In the meantime, keep an eye on your work environment and its potential hazards.

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