2017 Deadly Bakken Oil Field Injuries

A worker dies every six weeks in the Bakken Oil Fields, but Brendan Wenger died in an explosion during his very first day on the job. Paul Odegaard grew up near the Bakken Oil Fields of the Williston Basin. He merged his legal practice with Matt Braukmann's practice to form Odegaard Braukmann Law, PLLC to represent workplace injury accident victims in Montana. Both Paul and Matt deeply care about their injured clients and do not want them further harmed by corporations, insurance companies, and finance companies as they attempt to recuperate.


The Public Broadcasting Service reported on an Occupational Health and Safety Administration investigation into the dangerous BakkenOil Fields. OSHA reported that the oil or energy companies are shielded by layers of contractors whom they hold liable for accidents. With oil prices dropping and the annual production of barreled oil below expectations, contractors can not say no to oil producers who show no regard for workers' safety.

Oasis Energy

Brendan's parents recorded that OSHA did not understand oil well operations. In Brendan's case, Oasis Energy paid no penalty. Instead, Oasis shifted the blame onto the contractors. They stated that a sudden unexpected puff of air in the otherwise safe well was an act of nature.

Odegaard and Braukmann

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